Katherine Lemon Lab

Lemon Lab Alumni


Postdoctoral Researchers


Michael S. Wollenberg, Ph.D. (12/2011-11/2013) 
Associate Professor of Biology, Kalamazoo College

Lindsey Bomar Cambria, Ph.D. (11/2012-11/2017)
Support Manager at Roched Sequencing & Life Science

Isabel Fernández Escapa, Ph.D. (11/2012-12/2017; 9/2019-4/2021)
Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics, Pandemic Response Lab

Carla Cugini, Ph.D. (12/2012-2/2014; Joint with Mary Ellen Davey’s Lab)
Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Biology, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Matthew M. Ramsey, Ph.D. (7/2013-8/2016)
Assistant Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Rhode Island

Jennifer B. Spagnolo, Ph.D. (4/2014-1/2017)
Consultant, Adivo Associates LLC

Silvio D. Brugger, M.D., Ph.D. (11/2014-8/2017)
Attending Physician and Scientist, University Hospital Zurich, Division of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology

Megan P. Lambert, M.D. (7/2015-6/2017)
Pediatric Pulmonologist, Children’s Respiratory & Critical Care Specialists, MN

Brian A. Klein, Ph.D. (8/2015-4/2017)
Principal Scientist, DermBiont, Inc.

Wei Gao, Ph.D. (2/2018-8/2019)
Applied Genomics Specialist, Illumina

Lauren N. M. Quigley, Ph.D. (8/2018-3/2019)
Senior Scientist, 1CellBio


Laboratory Assistants, Research Technicians and Postbaccalaureate Interns


Beck E Jacobson, B.S. (10/2010-7/2012)
Manager, Microbiology Development, T2 Biosystems

Kelsey L. Goguen, B.S. (2/2011-8/2011)
Associate Clinical Trials Manager

Brian H. Yost, B.S., M.D. (9/2014-6/2015) 
Radiology, Weill Cornell Medicine

Sara M. Eslami, B.A. (5/2016-5/2018)
Ph.D. candidate, Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Stephany Flores Ramos, B.A. (6/2017-9/2019; joint with Johnston Lab)
Ph.D. student, Biomedical Sciences, University of California San Diego


Undergraduate Researchers


Evan E. Pagano, B.S., M.D. (2011)
Pediatrics, University of Colorado

Kelly L. Aldridge, B.S., M.S. (2012, 2013)
Associate Scientist, Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.

Anne E. Metzinger, A.B. (2014)

Chelsey A. Skeete (5/2017-8/2018)


Visiting Researchers


Silvio D. Brugger, M.D., Ph.D. (2012)

Pascal M. Frey, M.D. (2016)
Hospital, University of Zurich

Serena Manara, Ph.D. (2017)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Segata Lab, University of Trento