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Koen Venken Lab



Selected Publications



Cassidy JJ, Jha AR, Posadas DM, Giri R, Venken KJ, Ji J, Jiang H, Bellen HJ, White KP, Carthew RW.. "miR-9a minimizes the phenotypic impact of genomic diversity by buffering a transcription factor.." Cell. 2013 December 19;155(7):1556-1567. Pubmed PMID: 24360277


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Geiser J, Venken KJ, De Lisle RC, Andrews GK. "A mouse model of acrodermatitis enteropathica: loss of intestine zinc transporter ZIP4 (Slc39a4) disrupts the stem cell niche and intestine integrity." PLoS Genetics. 2012 June 21;8(6):e1002766. Pubmed PMID: 22737083

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2008 - 2001

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