Ming Zhou Lab



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Selected publications:

1. Ren Z, Lee J, Moosa MM, Nian Y, Hu L, Xu Z, McCoy JG, Ferreon ACM, Im W, Zhou M. (2018). Structure of an EIIC sugar transporter trapped in an inward-facing conformation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Vol 115(23):5962-5967. PMID: 29784777.

2. McCoy JG, Ren Z, Stanevich V, Lee J, Mitra S, Levin EJ, Poget S, Quick M, Im W, Zhou M. (2016) The Structure of a Sugar Transporter of the Glucose EIIC Superfamily Provides Insight into the Elevator Mechanism of Membrane Transport. Structure. Vol 24(6): 956-64. PMID: 27161976.

3. Kim K, Mitra S, Wu G, Berka V, Song J, Yu Y, Poget S, Wang DN, Tsai AL, Zhou M. (2016). Six-Transmembrane Epithelial Antigen of Prostate 1 (STEAP1) Has a Single b Heme and Is Capable of Reducing Metal Ion Complexes and Oxygen. Biochemistry. Vol 55(48):6673-6684. PMID: 27792302.

4. Bai, Y., McCoy, J.G., Levin, E.J., Sobrado, P., Rajashankar, K.R., Fox, B.G., Zhou, M. (2015). X-ray structure of a mammalian stearoyl-CoA desaturase. Nature, Vol 524: 252-256. PMID: 26098370.

5. Huang, H., Levin, E.J., Liu, S., Bai, Y., Lockless, S.W., and Zhou, M. (2014). Structure of a membrane-embedded prenyltransferase homologous to UBIAD1. PLoS Biology 12, 1-11. PMID: 25051182.

6. Zhou X., Levin E.J., Pan Y., McCoy, J.G., Sharma R., Kloss B., Bruni R., Quick M., Zhou M. (2014). Structural basis of the alternating-access mechanism in a bile acid transporter. Nature; Vol 505: 569-573. PMID: 24317697.

7. Cao Y., Pan Y., Huang H., Jin X., Levin EJ, Kloss B., and Zhou M. (2013). Gating of the TrkH ion channel by its associated RCK protein, TrkA. Nature; Vol 496: 317-321. PMID: 23598339.

8. Levin E.J., Cao Y., Enkavi G., Quick M., Pan Y., Tajkhorshid E., Zhou M. (2012). Structure and permeation mechanism of a mammalian urea transporter. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.; Vol 109 (28): 11194-11199. PMID: 22733730.

9. Cao Y., Jin X., Levin E.J., Huang H., Zong Y., Quick M., Weng J., Pan Y., Love J., Punta M., Rost B., Hendrickson W., Javitch J., Rajashankar K., & Zhou M. (2011). Crystal structure of a phosphorylation-coupled saccharide transporter. Nature; Vol 473 (7345): 50-54. PMID: 21471968.

10. Cao Y., Jin X., Huang H., Derebe M., Levin E.J., Kabaleeswaran V., Pan Y., Punta M., Love J., Weng J., Quick M., Ye S., Kloss B., Bruni R., Martinez-Hackert E., Hendrickson W., Rost B., Javitch J., Rajashankar K., Jiang Y., & Zhou, M. (2011). Crystal structure of a potassium ion transporter TrkH. Nature; Vol 471 (7338):336-340. PMID: 21317882.

11. Levin E.J., Quick M., Zhou M. (2009). Crystal structure of a bacterial homologue of the kidney urea transporter. Nature; Vol 462 (7274): 757-761. PMID: 19865084.