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Li, Y., Hively, W.P. & Varmus, H.E. Use of MMTV-Wnt-1 transgenic mice for studying the genetic basis of breast cancer. Oncogene 19, 1002-1009 (2000). PMID 0010713683.

Orsulic, S., Li, Y., Soslow, R.A., Vitale-Cross, L.A., Gutkind, J.S. & Varmus, H.E. Induction of ovarian cancer by defined multiple genetic changes in a mouse model system. Cancer Cell 1, 53-62 (2002). PMID: 12086888.

Li, Y., Welm, B., Podsypanina, K., Huang, S., Chamorro, M., Zhang, X., Rowlands, T., Egeblad, M., Cowin, P., Werb, Z., Tan, L.K., Rosen, J.M. & Varmus, H.E. Evidence that transgenes encoding components of the Wnt signaling pathway preferentially induce mammary cancers from progenitor cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 100, 15853-15858 (2003). PMID: 14668450.

Zhang, X., Podsypanina, K., Huang, S., Mohsin, S.K., Chamness, G.C., Hatsell, S., Cowin, P., Schiff, R. & Li, Y. Estrogen receptor positivity in mammary tumors of Wnt-1 transgenic mice is influenced by collaborating oncogenic mutations. Oncogene 24, 4220-4231 (2005). PMID: 15824740.

Du, Z., Podsypanina, K., Huang, H., McGrath, A., Toneff, M.J., Bogoslovskaia, E., Zhang, X., Moraes, R.C., Fluck, M.M., Allred, D.C., Lewis, M.T., Varmus, H.E. & Li, Y. Introduction of oncogenes into mammary glands in vivo with an avian retroviral vector initiates and promotes carcinogenesis in mouse models. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103, 17396-17401 (2006). PMID: 17090666.

Siwko, S., Dong, J., Lewis, M.T., Liu, H., Hilsenbeck, S.G., & Li, Y. Evidence that an early pregnancy causes a persistent decrease in the number of functional mammary epithelial stem cells—implications for pregnancy-induced protection against breast cancer (Cover). Stem Cells 26:3205-9 (2008). PMID: 18787212.

Reddy, J.P., Peddibhotla, S., Bu, W., Zhao, J., Haricharan, S., Du, Y.C., Podsypanina, K., Rosen, J.M., Donehower, L.A. & Li, Y. Defining the ATM-mediated barrier to tumorigenesis in somatic mammary cells following ErbB2 activation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(8):3728-33 (2010). PMID: 20133707.

Dong, J., Tong, T., Reynado, A.M., Rosen, J.M., Huang, S. & Li, Y. Genetic manipulation of individual somatic mammary cells in vivo reveals a master role of STAT5a in inducing alveolar fate commitment and lactogenesis even in the absence of ovarian hormones. Dev Biol 345: 196-203 (2010). PMID: 20691178. T. Lin, L. Meng, Li, Y. and R. Y.L. Tsai. The Tumor-Initiating Function of Nucleostemin-Enriched Mammary Tumor Cells. Cancer Research. 70:9444-52. (2010). PMID: 21045149.

Bu, W., Chen, J., Morrison, G.D., Huang, S., Creighton, C.J., Huang, J., Chamness, G.C., Hilsenbeck, S.G., Roop, D.R., Leavitt, A.D. & Li, Y. Keratin 6a marks mammary bipotential progenitor cells that can give rise to a unique tumor model resembling human normal-like breast cancer. Oncogene 30, 4399-4409 (2011). PMID: 21532625.

Dong, J., Huang, S., Caikovski, M., Ji, S., McGrath, A., Custorio, M.G., Creighton, C.J., Maliakkal, P., Bogoslovskaia, E., Du, Z., Zhang, X., Lewis, M.T., Sablitzky, F., Brisken, C. & Li, Y. ID4 regulates mammary gland development by suppressing p38MAPK activity. Development 138, 5247-5256 (2011). PMID: 22069192.

Liu, W., Xing, F., Iiizumi-Gairani, M., Okuda, H., Watabe, M., Pai, S.K., Pandey, P.R., Hirota, S., Kobayashi, A., Mo, Y.Y., Fukuda, K., Li, Y. & Watabe, K. N-myc downstream regulated gene 1 modulates Wnt-beta-catenin signalling and pleiotropically suppresses metastasis. EMBO Molecular Medicine 4, 93-108 (2012). PMID 22246988. PMCID 3306556

Jackson, J.G., Pant, V., Li, Q., Chang, L.L., Quintas-Cardama, A., Garza, D., Tavana, O., Yang, P., Manshouri, T., Li, Y., El-Naggar, A.K. & Lozano, G. p53-Mediated Senescence Impairs the Apoptotic Response to Chemotherapy and Clinical Outcome in Breast Cancer. Cancer Cell 21, 793-806 (2012). PMID 22698404. PMCID 3376352.

Yang W, Xia Y, Cao Y, Zheng Y, Bu W, Zhang L, You MJ, Koh MY, Cote G, Aldape K, Li Y, Verma IM, Chiao PJ, Lu Z. EGFR-induced and PKCε monoubiquitylation-dependent NF-κB activation upregulates PKM2 expression and promotes tumorigenesis. Mol Cell 48(5): 771-84 (2012). PMID: 23123196. PMCID: PMC3526114

Wang Y, Dong J, Li D, Lai L, Siwko S, Li Y, Liu M.. Lgr4 regulates mammary development and mammary stem cell self-renewal through the pluripotency transcription factor Sox2. Stem Cells. 31:1921-31 (2013). PMID: 23712846. PMC3934111

Haricharan, S., Dong, J., Hein, S., Reddy, J.P., Du, Z., Toneff, M., Holloway, K., Hilsenbeck, S.G., Huang, S., Atkinson, R., Woodward, W., Jindal, S., Borges, V.F., Gutierrez, C., Zhang, H., Schedin, P.J., Osborne, C.K., Tweardy, D.J. & Li, Y. Mechanism and preclinical prevention of increased breast cancer risk caused by pregnancy. eLife 2, e00996 (2013). PMID 24381245. PMC3874103

S. Haricharan, S. Hein, J. Dong, M. Toneff, O. Aina, P. H. Rao, R. Cardiff, Li. Y. Contribution of an alveolar cell of origin to the aggressive phenotype of pregnancy-associated breast cancer. Oncogene. 33(50):5729-39 (2014). PMID: 24317513. PMC4050040

Hatcher, R.J., Dong, J., Liu, S., Bian, G., Contreras, A., Wang, T., Hilsenbeck, S.G., Li, Y. & Zhang, P. Pttg1/securin is required for the branching morphogenesis of the mammary gland and suppresses mammary tumorigenesis. PNAS 111, 1008-1013 (2014). PMID 24395789. PMCID 3903200

Qin, L., Wu, Y.L., Toneff, M.J., Li, D., Liao, L., Gao, X., Bane, F.T., Tien, J.C., Xu, Y., Feng, Z., Yang, Z., Xu, Y., Theissen, S.M., Li, Y., Young, L. & Xu, J. NCOA1 Directly Targets M-CSF1 Expression to Promote Breast Cancer Metastasis. Cancer Res 74, 3477-3488 (2014). PMID 24769444. PMCID 4083628

Vcc Sinha, V.C., Qin, L. & Li, Y. A p53/ARF-dependent Anticancer Barrier Activates Senescence and Blocks Tumorigenesis without Impacting Apoptosis. Molecular cancer research (2014). 13(2): 231-8. PMID 25253740. PMCID: PMC4336810

Zheng, Z.Y., Tian, L., Bu, W., Fan, C., Gao, X., Wang, H., Liao, Y.H., Li, Y., Lewis, M.T., Edwards, D., Zwaka, T.P., Hilsenbeck, S.G., Medina, D., Perou, C.M., Creighton, C.J., Zhang, X.H. & Chang, E.C. Wild-Type N-Ras, Overexpressed in Basal-like Breast Cancer, Promotes Tumor Formation by Inducing IL-8 Secretion via JAK2 Activation. Cell reports 12, 511-524 (2015). PMID 26166574. PMCID 4512851.

Dong, J., Zhao, W., Shi, A., Toneff, M., Lydon, J., So, D. & Li, Y. The PR status of the originating cell of ER/PR-negative mouse mammary tumors. Oncogene (2015). PMID 26640140

Hein, S.M., Haricharan, S., Johnston, A.N., Toneff, M.J., Reddy, J.P., Dong, J., Bu, W. & Li, Y. Luminal epithelial cells within the mammary gland can produce basal cells upon oncogenic stress. Oncogene 35, 1461-1467 (2016). PMID 26096929. PMCID 4688047

Choi, S., Chen, Z., Tang, L.H., Fang, Y., Shin, S.J., Panarelli, N.C., Chen, Y.T., Li, Y., Jiang, X. & Du, Y.C. Bcl-xL promotes metastasis independent of its anti-apoptotic activity. Nature communications 7, 10384 (2016). PMID 26785948. PMCID 4735924

Welte, T., Kim, I.S., Tian, L., Gao, X., Wang, H., Li, J., Holdman, X.B., Herschkowitz, J.I., Pond, A., Xie, G., Kurley, S., Nguyen, T., Liao, L., Dobrolecki, L.E., Pang, L., Mo, Q., Edwards, D.P., Huang, S., Xin, L., Xu, J., Li, Y., Lewis, M.T., Wang, T., Westbrook, T.F., Rosen, J.M. & Zhang, X.H. Oncogenic mTOR signalling recruits myeloid-derived suppressor cells to promote tumour initiation. Nature cell biology 18, 632-644 (2016). PMID 27183469. PMCID 4884142

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