ICTR Database Mining and Analytics Core


The mission of the Core is to extract data from broadly available repositories including Omics databases and conduct preliminary analysis to determine relevance and fine-tune the research questions of clinical or biological studies. The Core will help researchers optimize study design and analysis and evaluate data interpretability to produce clear and meaningful results. These analyses can be used for grant applications by better defining research questions, showing different research directions, and identifying additional questions that can be answered by available data sets. In some cases, the analysis of existing data will lead to publications relevant to your grant proposal.

Services include:

  • Extracting data sets from publicly accessible databases and repositories for preliminary data analysis
  • Meta-analysis of existing omics and other types of data relevant to your research questions to get preliminary data and justify and strengthen your research strategy
  • Help with interpretation of the analysis of existing data in terms of relevance to your research proposal

If your project needs meta-analysis of publicly available data to refine your research questions and support your grant applications, contact the Database Mining and Analytics Core for an initial consultation.

Database Mining and Analytics Core Team

  • Ivan Gorlov, PhD – Associate Professor
  • Yafang Li, PhD – Assistant Professor
  • Younghun Han, PhD – Assistant Professor
  • Jingyoung Byun, PhD – Assistant Professor
  • Musaffe Tuna, PhD – Assistant Professor
  • Vikram Shaw – Graduate Student