Department of Urology

Curriculum: Men’s Health, Sexual Medicine, and Urology Preceptorship

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Men's Health, Sexual Medicine and Urology Preceptorship trainee - Mary Manzella

The preceptorship in Men’s Health and Sexual Medicine is comprised of 12 weeks of clinical and online learning modules, each with specific objectives, giving APP’s the essential knowledge and skillset to practice as a competent men’s health provider.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Blackboard
  • Week 2: Hypogonadism (Part I)
  • Week 3: Hypogonadism (Part II)
  • Week 4: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Week 5: Peyronie’s Disease
  • Week 6: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Week 7: Prostate Cancer
  • Week 8: Male Infertility
  • Week 9: The Acute Scrotum
  • Week 10: Disorders of Ejaculation: Premature and Delayed
  • Week 11: Priapism Management