Award Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long must a nominee have been at Baylor before being considered?

Nominees must have at least 15 years of service to Baylor as a faculty member as of Jan. 1 of the year they receive the award. The service requirement must not include training years. The specific date (month and year) of the Baylor Faculty Appointment and specific dates of any gaps that have occurred must be documented in the CV.

Q: What should be included in the Narrative Summary of Educator’s Contributions?

Narrative Summary of Educator’s Contributions are 1-2 page documents prepared by the nominee. They should contain a brief narrative summary of the person’s pertinent background and current positions and then narrate their most important achievements and current work. This should focus to a good degree on the nominee’s various achievements as an educator. The Narrative Summary of Educator’s Contributions serves as an updated birds-eye view of the educator as a nominee for this recognition and is reviewed by the Selection Committee in conjunction with the CV and the nominating letter during Part I of the selection process. Nominees, Candidates and their nominators are free to share this Narrative Summary with those writing letters for them.

Q: What should be included in a nominating letter?

A nominating letter should support the nominee’s qualifications for the nomination and discuss how he or she fulfills the nominating and educational criteria for the award. The nominators should include a description of their own association with the nominee and detailed discussions of their first-hand knowledge of the nominee’s work as an educator. The letter should paint a full picture of why you believe this person qualifies for a Robertson Award. Most nomination letters are from 3-5 pages single-spaced. See also Nomination and Selection and Nomination Instructions.

Q: Who will be reconsidered for the Robertson Award?

Candidates who did not receive the award last year following consideration at the final Selection Committee meeting, can be reconsidered this year unless they withdraw their nomination. We recommend the candidates for reconsideration and their nominators carefully review the criteria and update letters and materials accordingly.

Reconsideration one year after being selected as a candidate is for a second year only.

Candidates who have failed to receive the award for a second year in a row may not re-apply during the next application cycle.

Nominees who were unsuccessful in becoming candidates may not re-apply during the next application cycle. Subsequent applications must include new materials.

Q: Can a nominee or candidate obtain copies of letters submitted to the Selection Committee?

The Robertson selection process is completely confidential. Specific letters of nomination or recommendation addressed to the Robertson Selection Committee cannot be forwarded. Individual nominees or candidates, or their nominators, are, of course, free to communicate with recommenders, about forwarding or writing support letters for use with other proposed award nominations.