Sources of Aid


Funding Sources and Programs


The primary funding sources are listed at Federal Student Aid published by the Department of Education.

In addition, there are also federal loan and grant programs specifically for health professions students. While these programs provide some financial assistance, you will want to contact professional societies, state agencies and other associations that support health sciences education to determine whether they have scholarships or low-interest loan programs available. The office also makes available to students any information it receives concerning outside scholarship opportunities.

We recommend students carefully study the many programs that are available. You should become familiar with the various interest rates, repayment periods, annual and aggregate loan limits, and the services provided by the agencies that provide these resources.

Discuss your anticipated need for financial assistance with your family and be aware of the amount of debt you may have to repay once you complete your studies.

Financial aid counseling is available to all students. Questions and appointments can be made at


The following financial aid programs are those most often utilized by students at Baylor College of Medicine. This list is not intended to be inclusive of all possible sources of financial assistance.

All Students

Medical Students

Health Professions Students

Graduate School of Biomedical Science Students

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