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Student Profile: Alexandria Rodriguez

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Alexandria Rodriguez

What type of opportunities does the program offer? 
Prior to matriculation into the BSHEq program, I had completed several years of research during my MPH program. Instead of doing research, I wanted to use my time to develop personally and professionally as a leader. I collaborated with my peers to build the Learning Community Leadership Committee (LC^2), where we all worked together to plan and organize educationally enhancing events for our cohort such as Quiz Bowls and BCM Buddies. With the support of the program faculty, the work our committee accomplished together made my experience especially memorable and positive during my time as a post-baccalaureate student. 

How does the program help you in the medical school application process? 
The program as a whole helped me grow and develop as a pre-med student. I found the biomedical coursework incredibly helpful for re-taking my MCAT, as well as the interactive and engaging application and interview workshops the Academic Success Center and Career Development Center put together for us. I also loved all the of inspirational guest speakers that spoke with us about prevailing on this path in the face of adversity. My cohort was also such an incredible resource and support network throughout this entire process. The program made the entire application process much more approachable and enjoyable as opposed to when I had first applied to medical school on my own. 

How do the faculty and staff serve as resources for you? 
As someone with a humanities and public health background, science was never something that “came easy to me.” The faculty, professors, and tutors, however, made concepts in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics so much more approachable and enjoyable. I also loved how accessible and unconditionally supportive the faculty and staff were throughout the entire process. 

What will you take away from this program? 
My greatest takeaway from this program was overcoming my imposter syndrome with my medical school aspirations. At 30, my pre-med journey has been longer than most and it has been filled with many ups and downs and moments of doubt if there would really be a seat for someone like me in a medical college. However, with the support from my professors to succeed with rigorous coursework, and my incredibly supportive (and exceptionally bright) cohort, I felt that this program was designed for someone like me to succeed and grow. I will absolutely miss being part of this program, especially my cohort, but am very grateful I was able to spend a year growing alongside everyone and I cannot wait to see where we all end up.