Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Student Profile: Donese Cole

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Donese Cole

What type of research opportunities does the program offer? 
As the program is located at BCM’s campus in the Texas Medical Center, there are opportunities to pursue research in any field. During my time in the program, I worked on a project at Houston Methodist, developing new techniques in transcranial direct current stimulation for stroke treatment. The program has done a wonderful job of connecting its students with opportunities. No matter your interest, there is always work being done in the TMC! 

How does the program help you in the medical school application process? 
Through the academic resources offered in the program, I was able to greatly improve my GPA and MCAT score. The rigorous graduate-level coursework allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the important topics for medical school, such as biochemistry, biostatistics, and genetics. In addition to academics, I was able to obtain physician shadowing experiences through the program. This helped prepare me for my medical school journey through interaction with patients and healthcare teams. 

How do the faculty and staff serve as resources for you? 
The faculty at BCM have been wonderful mentors during this program. They have always been willing to answer questions and connect with students, often holding extra review sessions before exams and even social events for the class. The Academic Success Center has helped me prepare for medical school application through one-on-one sessions to improve my writing skills. When I’ve had questions about a course, medical school applications, and anything in between, there has always been someone I felt comfortable reaching out to for advice.  

What will you take away from this program? 
I’ve been able to grow both academically and personally through the BSHEQ program. The diverse group of students has allowed me to make connections that I will continue to hold throughout my career. I’ve learned how to work more effectively with a team on projects and practiced collaborative study skills. Thanks to the mentorship, connections, and coursework of the program, I feel fully prepared to continue my education in medical school.