GE Healthcare DeltaVision LIVE High Resolution Deconvolution Microscope


The GE Healthcare Deconvolution (Restoration) Microscope is engineered to provide high contrast and high resolution at low light levels. The environmental chamber provides a temperature controlled, humidified environment with defined CO2 levels. Microscope capabilities include Z-sectioning and 3D reconstruction, time series capture for following cellular events, determining co-localization of multiple proteins and/or dyes and FRAP.


Key Features

Media Component
The deconvolution/restoration  microscope is an excellent choice for fast acquisition of fixed or live cells at low light levels.


  • High Resolution Photometrics CoolSNAP Camera
  • High Sensitivity Photometrics HQ2 EMCCD Camera

Acquisition Software

  • SoftWoRx

Filter Sets

  • Live cell filter set - CFP/YFP/RFP or GFP/RF
  • Standard filter set - DAPI/FITC/TRITC/CY5
  • Alexa filter set - DAPI/FITC/Alexa594/Cy5
  • Brightfield/DIC imaging capabilities


  • 40X U Plan-FL N/0.75 NA, air gap
  • 40X Plan-Apo/0.95 NA, air gap with correction collar
  • 40X U Apo/1.35 NA, oil with iris
  • 60X Plan-Apo/1.4 NA, oil
  • •100X U PlanS-Apo/1.4 NA, oil|


  • 2 xenon lamps for multiplexing wavelengths

The base microscope is an Olympus IX-71 Accepts standard microscope slides, multiwell coverglass chambers, 35mm cell culture dishes and multiwell plates (up to 384 well format)

For best results use 1.5 oz (170 micron) coverslips.