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Mihail Chelu, M.D.
Mihail G. Chelu, M.D., Ph.D.

Team Led by Mihail Chelu, M.D., Ph.D. Awarded $31M for Large Study on Conduction System Pacing for Resynchronization Therapy in Patients with Heart Failure

A research team led by Dr. Mihail Chelu (Baylor College of Medicine), Dr. Kenneth A. Ellenbogen (Virginia Commonwealth), and Dr. Richard Holubkov (University of Utah) has been awarded $31M by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) for a large study on conduction system pacing for cardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with heart failure and conduction system disease. The study will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of biventricular paticing or conduction system pacing, both of which are strategies to accomplish cardiac resynchronization therapy. The study will involve 2,136 patients and 55 enrolling sites in the United States and Canada.

Chelu and Ellenbogen’s study was selected for funding through a PCORI initiative to support large-scale, high-impact comparative effectiveness research trials in a multiphase format allowing for testing and refinement of the study approach. The study will involve an initial feasibility phase to maximize the likelihood of full trial success. The study was selected through a highly competitive review process in which patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders joined scientists to evaluate the proposals. Learn more about the study.

PCORI is an independent, nonprofit organization authorized by Congress in 2010. Its mission is to fund research that will provide patients, their caregivers, and clinicians with the evidence-based information needed to make better-informed healthcare decisions. View information about PCORI’s funding.


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