Cellular and Molecular Metabolism Core


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Core Director

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David Moore


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Associate Director

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Sean Hartig


About the Core


The Cell and Molecular Metabolism Core provides support and resources for metabolic phenotyping and mechanistic studies though animal and cell-based approaches to advance understanding of metabolic pathways contributing to health and disease. Cellular metabolism is central to conveying environmental cues, providing fuel sources, and maintaining energy balance. Disruption or imbalances in cell metabolism impinge upon cellular function and underlie cellular stress associated with obesity and nutrient-related disease pathologies. The core will provide members with access to technology and services for mouse metabolic phenotyping, for comprehensive analysis of cellular respiration, metabolomics, and metabolite tracing, and to support in vitro genetic studies.


Our Services

  • Glucose and insulin tolerance tests
  • MRI—assessment of fat distribution
  • Seahorse XF analyzer—24- and 96-well systems for measuring oxygen consumption rates and extracellular acidification rate to assess mitochondrial and glycolytic metabolism, respectively
  • ELISAs
  • Metabolomics—lipidomics, TCA and glycolysis metabolites, amino acids
  • Metabolite tracing
  • In vitro assays—glucose uptakes assays, insulin signaling, lipolysis
  • Genetic tools—siRNA, CRISPR-Cas9, and lentiviral systems for modifying expression of mechanistic targets