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Cancer-Related Courses


GSBS Cancer-Related Courses


Cancer-related courses currently taught by DLDCCC members in the Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Current academic year course schedule can be found in Curriculum Resources for Graduate Students.

Direct Cancer-Related Coursework

  • GS-CC-6210: Tumor, Technology, Therapy (Drs. Eric Chang, Grzegorz Ira & Meenakshi Anurag)
  • GS-CC-6101: Cancer (Dr. Stephanie Pangas)
  • GS-CC-6401: Technologies for Cancer Drug Discovery & Development (Drs. Rachel Schiff & Kevin Roarty)
  • GS-CC-6201: Translational Cancer Biology (Drs. Eveline Barbieri, Rachel Rau & Salma Kaochar)
  • GS-CC-6205: Translational Breast Cancer Research (Dr. Suzanne Fuqua)
  • GS-GS-5108: Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacogenetics (Drs. Michael Scheurer & Brooke Bernhardt)
  • GS-CC-6302: Molecular Carcinogenesis (Dr. Yi Li)

Complimentary Cancer-Related Coursework

  • GS-IY-6101: Principles of Immunology (Dr. William Decker)
  • GS-DD-6201: Development (Dr. Andrew Groves)
  • GS-DD-6213: Topics in Stem Cell Biology (Dr. Daisuke Nakada)
  • GS-DD-6212: Topics in Cell Physiology (Drs. Ross Poche & Jason Karch)
  • GS-QC-6201: Applications to Biology of Computation (Dr. Olivier Lichtarge)
  • GS-QC-6302: Computer-Aided Discovery Methods (Drs. Aleksandar Milosavljevic & Matthew Roth)
  • GS-IY-6304: Clinical Aspects of Immunology
  • GS‐GS‐5107: Leadership Skills (Dr. Suzanne Fuqua)

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For course registration inquiries, contact: Melissa Rowell.