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Dr. Courtney Burger and Dr. Melanie Samuel

LKB1 and AMPK instruct cone nuclear position to modify visual function. Neuronal nuclear position is critical for circuit organization and function. Burger et al. identify LKB1 and AMPK as regulators of nuclear position in cone photoreceptors. Loss of either molecule results in mislocalized cone nuclei and altered retina function. Proper cone nuclear position may thus contribute to visual responses.

Wei Cao, Ph.D.

Roy ER, Wang B, Wan YW, Chiu G, Cole A, Yin Z, Propson NE, Xu Y, Jankowsky JJ, Liu Z, Lee VM, Trojanowski JQ, Ginsberg SD, Butovsky O, Zheng H, Cao W, Type I interferon response drives neuroinflammation and synapse loss in Alzheimer disease, J. Clin. Invest. 10.1172/JCI133737 (2020). PMID: 31917687

Andre Catic, M.D., Ph.D.

The ubiquitin ligase Cullin-1 associates with chromatin and regulates transcription of specific c-MYC target genes. Sweeney MA, Iakova P, Maneix L, Shih FY, Cho HE, Sahin E, Catic A. Sci Rep. 2020 in press

Sel1L ER-associated degradation is essential for the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells through regulation of the HSC-niche interaction.

Xu L, Liu X, Peng F, Zhang W, Zheng L, Ding Y, Gu T, Wang J, Ortinau L, Hu T, Zhang X, Rosen JM, Li W, Park D, Catic A, Adoro S, King KY, Nakada D, Qi L, Goodell MA, Chen X. Nat Cell Biol. 2020 in press

Weiwei Dang, Ph.D.

Huang B, Zhong D, Zhu J, An Y, Gao M, Zhu S, Dang W, Wang X, Yang B, Xie Z. Inhibition of histone acetyltransferase GCN5 extends lifespan in both yeast and human cell lines. Aging Cell. (2020) e13129. PubMed ID: 32157780.

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Fred Pereira, Ph.D.

Nr2f1 heterozygous knockout mice recapitulate neurological phenotypes of Bosch-Boonstra-Schaaf optic atrophy syndrome and show impaired hippocampal synaptic plasticity. Chen CA, Wang W, Pedersen SE, Raman A, Seymour ML, Ruiz FR, Xia A, van der Heijden ME, Wang L, Yin J, Lopez J, Rech ME, Lewis RA, Wu SM, Liu Z, Pereira FA, Pautler RG, Zoghbi HY, Schaaf CP. Hum Mol Genet. 2020 Mar 27;29(5):705-715. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddz233. PMID: 31600777

Adenosine A2B receptor: a pathogenic factor and a therapeutic target for sensorineural hearing loss Manala JM, Liu H, Ding H, Hicks J, Salvi R, Sun H, Kellems RE, Perreira FA and Xia Y. J Experimental Med 2020

Melanie Samuel, Ph.D.

LKB1 coordinates neurite remodeling to drive synapse layer emergence in the outer retina. Burger CA, Alevy J, Casasent AK, Jiang D, Albrecht NE, Liang JH, Hirano AA, Brecha NC, Samuel MA. Elife. 2020 May 7;9:e56931. doi: 10.7554/eLife.569 2. Spatiotemporal gene expression patterns reveal molecular relatedness between retinal laminae. Jiang D, Burger CA, Casasent AK, Albrecht NE, Li F, Samuel MA. J Comp Neurol. 2020 Apr 1;528(5):729-755. doi: 10.1002/cne.24784. Epub 2019 Oct 31. PMID: 31609468

Meng Wang, Ph.D.

Choi, S., Lin, C.J., Kim, K.H., Wagner, M., Wang, M.C. *, Moore, D.D. (2020) Methyl-sensing nuclear receptor Liver Receptor Homolog-1 regulates mitochondrial biogenesis and beta-oxidation in mouse hepatocytes. Hepatology 71(3):1055-1069

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Hui Zheng, Ph.D.

Roy, E.R., Wang, B., Wan, Y.-W., Chiu, G., Cole, A., Yin, Z., Propson, N.E., Xu, Y., Jankowsky, J.L., Liu, Z., Lee, V., M.-Y., Trojankowski, J.Q., Ginsberg, S.D., Butovsky, O., Zheng, H.*, and Cao, W*. (2020). Essential involvement of type I interferon in neuroinflammation and synapse loss in Alzheimer disease. J. Clin. Invest. *co-corresponding.

Xu, Y., Du, S., Marsh, J.A., Horie, K., Sato, C., Ballabio, A., Karch, C.M., Holtzman, D.M., and Zheng, H. TFEB regulates lysosomal exocytosis of tau and its loss of function exacerbates tau pathology and spreading.