Educational Research Mini-Series

Educational Research Mini-Series


Funded by the Baylor College of Medicine Huffington Department of Education, Innovation & Technology (EIT) Faculty Pilot Grants, the Educational Research Mini-Series aims to:

  • Develop a video mini-series on educational research with BCM faculty experts
  • Curate existing educational research resources, curriculum, and materials
  • Promote opportunities to engage in educational research

Below is the layout of our mini-series that takes you from inception to publication of educational research within the health professions and biomedical sciences. Each topic has multiple learning objectives, each with its own mini-video and supplemental resources. Explore below and reach out to with any questions.

Video Topic

Video Objective

What is Educational Research, Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation?
  • Define educational research
  • Compare and contrast educational research, quality improvement, and program evaluation
  • Identify common models used in evaluation
Common Educational Interventions
  • Teaching strategies
  • Modalities of teaching
  • Use of technology
Formulating Research Questions, Addressing Study Purpose, and Tackling the Basics
  • Describe elements of a strong research question
  • Identify the overarching purpose and rationale of the study
  • Describe characteristics of a positive mentee-mentor relationship
Review of Literature
  • Define theory, models, and frameworks and describe their role in educational research
  • Conduct a systematic search of the relevant research literature
  • Identify gaps in the literature to inform research
Overarching Methods
  • Define and differentiate between research question, hypotheses, purpose, aim
  • Distinguish differences between null, research, and alternative hypothesis
Quantitative Research
  • Compare and contrast common study designs in quantitative research
  • Identify common statistical approaches used in educational research
  • Critical selection and evaluation of existing measures
  • Identify when a research question is appropriate for survey research
  • Understand the difference between construct scales and general survey design
  • Describe inferential statistical testing
  • Define reliability and differentiate types or reliability
  • Define validity and describe multiple types of validity
Qualitative Research
  • Compare and contrast common study designs used in qualitative/mixed research
  • Identify when a research question is appropriate for qualitative study
  • Exhibit essential skills, guidelines, and resources required for conducting interviews and focus groups
Scholarly Writing and Dissemination
  • Characterize the components of a scholarly publication and article types
  • Where and how to disseminate educational research
  • Discuss strategies on addressing authorship and author order
  • Design and present a research poster
  • Design and present through digital platforms

To stream all of the videos in our mini-series, please visit our YouTube playlist: Educational Research Mini-Series