Department of Molecular and Human Genetics


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Transforming Medicine Through the Science and Practice of Genetics and Genomics

The Department of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine is transforming medicine by expanding the role of genetics and genomics in science and medicine through major discoveries and integration of basic research, clinical, and diagnostic activities. Our talented faculty, trainees and staff have designed an environment that promotes and supports diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Our department consistently ranks first in the nation in funding from the National Institutes of Health. In addition to numerous NIH, National Science Foundation, and other competitive research grants, the faculty have received national recognition and support from the Pew Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Our educational programs attract the most highly qualified candidates. Our clinical genetics program, the largest in the country, offers patients unparalleled, single-source genetic testing and services.

Featured Research Image (Above): Partial of an immunofluorescence image that shows microglia (red) surround amyloid plaque (green) in the various brain areas (cortex, hippocampus, and thalamus) of a 5-month-old 5xFAD mouse. Image submitted by Tzu-Hsuan Huang and Dr. Hui Zheng.