Department of Neurology

Neurology Electives


The department offers a clinical elective rotation of four or more weeks duration. The elective has been helpful to students examining the possibility of a career in neurology, desiring exposure to more advanced topics in neurology, or wanting exposure to a sub-specialty area of neurology such as movement disorders, dementia, or neuromuscular disease. The elective can be constructed in a variety of ways by the student and course coordinator: it can include predominantly inpatient or outpatient exposure; be located in any of the three hospitals noted above; and consist predominantly of a ward or a consult service.


Research Elective


The department offers a Neurology Research Elective of four or more weeks duration. This rotation has typically been helpful for students interested in a specific area of clinical neurology or basic neuroscience, or who want to learn more about academic neurology. The structure of the elective is designed by the student, the course coordinator, and the faculty member with whom the student will be working. Opportunities for research are available in laboratory and clinical settings.