Department of Neurology

2019 - Poster and Platform Presentations


American Epilepsy Society (AES)
73rd Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Md. (Dec. 6-10, 2019)

  • Significance of insular magnetoencephalography (MEG) spike clusters in patients with refractory focal epilepsy. - Chourasia N, Quach M, Gavvala J
  • High yield of screening for ADHD in the epilepsy monitoring unit.
    -Dunbar C, Lee M, Maheshwari A
  • KB-3061 is a potent activator of wild type KCNQ channels and restores current to KCNQ2 encephalopathy variants in vitro.
    Ji Z-G, Moore O, Abreo T, Dworetzky S, Picchione KE, Cooper EC
  • Mice lacking 5-HT2C receptors have a lowered spreading depolarization threshold compared to wildtype littermates.
    Massey CA, Noebels JL
  • Local disinhibition via tetanus toxin injection reshapes neural activity and EEG patterns in mouse neocortex.
    Meyer J, Smirnakis SM
  • 17th Annual Judith Hoyer Lecture in Epilepsy: Advances in diagnosis and management of neonatal seizures.
    [Invited Lecture]
    Mizrahi EM
  • Arx mouse model of x-linked infantile spasms shows augmented wave of early cortical apoptosis without evidence of cellular inflammation.
    Siehr MS, Massey CA, Noebels JL
  • Posterior parietal theta-gamma phase-amplitude coupling as a biomarker for sustained attention in mice.
    Yang RZ, Dunbar C, Sonesra A, Park S, Pham T, Maheshwari A

National Academy of Neuropsychology (NAN)
39th Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif. (Nov. 13-16, 2019)

University of Pittsburgh Medical School
UPMC Critical Care Symposium in Pittsburgh, Penn. (Nov. 11, 2019)

  • Radiology 101 for nurses and respiratory therapists.
    Hirzallah MI

Society for Neuroscience (SFN)
49th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ill. (Oct. 19-23, 2019)

  • Cav3.1 and 3.2 T-type Ca2+ channels collectively contribute to oscillatory excitation of nucleus ambiguus neurons.
    Aiba I, Noebels JL
  • A genetic cross between Gad2-Cre and loxTB Htr2c mouse strains does not prevent seizures and death in a 5-HT2C-null SUDEP mouse model.
    Massey CA, Noebels JL
  • Progression of cortical hypersynchrony and epileptogenesis induced by brain tumors.
    [Platform Presentation]
    Meyer JF, Yu K, Hatcher A, Aiba I, Deneen B, Noebels JL
  • Mice with adult-onset P/Q calcium channel deletion recapitulates childhood absence epilepsy.
    Miao QM, Noebels JL
  • Investigating the role of CD2AP, an Alzheimer's disease susceptibility gene, in mammalian synaptic structure and function.
    Paveskovic M, Ojelade SA, Pekarek BT, Arenkiel BR, Shulman JM