Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Resident Education




Baylor College of Medicine faculty staffs all clinics, including renal, pulmonary, nutrition, psychiatry, high risk, tuberculosis, surgery, murmur, and neurology. The Academic General Pediatric faculty staffs the general medicine, lead, special needs, pediatric injury, and residents' continuity clinics.

The continuity clinic meets five days a week and is home to 24 residents.


Multiculturalism/Communicating Across Cultures


A course in multiculturalism, under the direction of Graciela B. Villarreal, M.D., is offered to first-year pediatric residents. The pediatric fellows of Academic General Pediatrics assist in teaching this course.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Explore one's health benefits
  • Review skills for effectively communicating with diverse patient populations
  • Discuss culturally driven health beliefs