Peer Coaching Session Set Up


1. Email with a request for an observation. In this email, inform us about the date, time, and location of your teaching event, as well as your educational setting. If you prefer a particular coach, indicate his/her name as well. Please note that we need at least 1 month for classroom settings and 2 months for clinical settings to plan the observation, so please contact us early!

2. We will connect you with a coach.

3. Further planning (meeting times and places) are arranged directly with your coach: You will meet at least 3 times with your coach: for the pre-meeting, for the actual observation of your teaching activity and for the post-meeting:

Pre-meeting: This meeting can be scheduled any day before the observation, but not on the day itself. Prior to the pre-meeting you should fill out the Pre-Meeting Form and the Self-Assessment rubric. In this meeting you will get to know your coach and discuss what specifically you like the coach to observe.

Observation: During the observation, the coach will note his/her comments on our Teaching and Observation rubric.

Post-meeting: This meeting must be within 7 days of the observation. In the post-meeting you and your coach will go through your notes, discuss your experience, exchange feedback, and receive recommendations.

4. You will keep the pre-meeting form and both rubrics, yet the coach will make copies and email them to the Office of Faculty Development (for administrative purposes only). The office will not share those documents with any third party.

5. The Office of Faculty Development will email you a formal letter documenting your participation in our Peer Coaching for Educators program.