Frequently Asked Questions


To whom should letters of support be directed?
The letters should be directed to the Clark Award Selection Committee.

How should the letters of support be submitted to the committee?
All materials related to the Clark Award are submitted electronically. Paper copies will not be accepted. Please send letters of support to Deborah Fernandez at

How many faculty members will receive the award each year?
The number of Clark awards is not specified. Historically, between three and five awards have been given per year.

Do I need to follow the page limits mentioned in the award description?
Yes, if you are over the page limits, your submission will be returned for revision. The edited submission must arrive before the deadline for submissions. Please utilize the Baylor format for the CV.

May I request a letter of support from a current learner?
No. It is a conflict of interest to ask a current learner for a letter of
support. However, you may request a letter from a former learner who has completed his or her training, if he or she is no longer a student or a trainee at Baylor.

Are there any other tips?
Yes. The Clark award is unique, so it is important to review the description of the Clark Award and the attributes and accomplishments of successful candidates. Please review the examples of successful letters of support and use those models as a guide.

Is national involvement at some level a requirement for receiving this award?
No, while national or international involvement will be considered as part of a total application, it is not an essential element to receive the award.

Must all activities associated with the application be geared toward BCM employees, trainees, or patients?
No, all activities that are relevant to the performance or your duties or serve the missions and values of BCM will be taken into consideration. However, all activities that are included as the basis for a nomination must have taken place while employed at BCM.

Does my CV count towards my submission?
Yes. Please ensure that any activities included in an application are consistent with the dates and documentation listed on your complete CV and that your CV is in the standard Baylor format. View outline. (BCM Login required)