Academic Mission and Workshops


Academic Mission


The ASC is driven by core principles to best serve our learners. The ASC provides Baylor of College Medicine students and trainees across all schools, programs, and campuses with learner-centered services, resources and development opportunities to enhance their transferable learning skills and achieve their highest potential at all stages of their learning journey.


  • We adapt to the growing and evolving needs of our learner populations
  • We provide accessible resources and services, achieved through consideration of learning differences, distance, and all the other unique qualities and circumstances of our learners

Student and Trainee-Centered

  • Our students and trainees are at the center of all program development and decision-making


  • We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with learners and faculty
  • Collaboration is critical to our mission of supporting academic success

Academic Workshops

The Academic Success Center offers tailored academic workshops and learning resources to meet the needs of learners across schools, programs and campuses.