Financial Wellness


It is never too late to build up your financial literacy, which is why BCM LIFE encourages you to start your journey right now. Get started by checking out our virtual sessions, and partaking in challenges in the Vitality portal. Students also have access to financial counseling and other financial wellness resources through Academic Live Care (ALC).

ALC Self-Help Resources

BCM Telehealth Resources via ALC offer a wide range of self-help resources on financial wellness including games to assist in making financial decisions.

Scroll down to Additional Student Assistance Program Resources ( and enter AHP1 as the code to access.

Topics and tools include:

  • Identity Theft
  • Financial Games from NGPF
  • Auto Center
  • Banking & Credit Budgeting
  • Calculators
  • Debt & Bankruptcy
  • Education
  • Estate & Retirement Planning
  • Going Green
  • Home Center
  • Insurance Center
  • Investing

Need to meet with someone?

Baylor offers financial aid counseling to all Baylor students. To schedule an appointment, email the office at to learn about loans you take out as a professional student.

BCM Telehealth Resources via Academic Live Care (ALC)

Students have access to BCM Telehealth Resources by Academic Live Care (ALC) where they can get expert advice on managing your finances.

WellConnect Financial Financial Wellness 101

WellConnect also provides helpful tips and resources to support your financial wellness and to assist you with developing the skills and experience needed to live a fiscally responsible lifestyle.

Personal Finance FAQs