National School of Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine Summer Institute Students


The Summer Institute developed in partnership with Baylor University was offered for the first time to ten Baylor University undergraduate students in summer 2013. The students included both juniors and seniors seeking a Biological Sciences major. Most of the students had prior experience having worked in clinics and/or done summer research in developing nations such as Kenya, Mongolia, Brazil & Guatemala before enrolling in the Summer Institute.


Student Comments


Here is a sample of student comments about the Institute:

"I was indeed very impressed by the welcoming and opening-up of the doctors and staff here at the Institute. I have learnt a LOT of materials and so inspired by the works and accolades done by the faculties here. This course has opened up more opportunities for me as a person who’s interested in Public Health & Tropical Diseases. It was surely an eye opening experience!"

"Being able to talk to the lecturers about their own lives and how they got interested in tropical medicine. It was really valuable to be able to hear about all the ways to be involved in global health."

"I really enjoyed listening to all the speakers and hearing about their interest in their fields and tropical medicine. Everyone was very informative and did not hesitate to involve us."

"I enjoyed the hands on applications in the lab and on field trips. Finding ways to interest during lectures is also helpful (such as case studies)."

"The presenters/lecturers were incredible. It was a great honor to learn from such impressive individuals. I also greatly enjoyed the variety of lecture subjects. We learned fascinating material from people who genuinely enjoy their work. The program was also very organized...."

"The most beneficial aspect of the Summer Institute is how broad a spectrum of topics we covered. We were exposed to many different sides of global health & tropical medicine and it became apparent that so many opportunities exist outside of the M.D. "mission trip medicine" that we usually associated with global health. I loved how, despite having diverse lectures, everything was interested in the end."

"I absolutely loved the Summer Institute! I learned so much and look forward to learning more in the future. I hope to be able to complete the course during medical school and use the knowledge gained to serve the underserved. Thank you for serving as an encouragement and inspiration for a future career in global health!"


Combating Neglected Tropical Diseases


The Summer Science Institute is one of several initiatives under the auspices of the Baylor College of Medicine National School of Tropical Medicine. Learn about all the ways we are helping combat neglected tropical diseases.