Affiliation Agreements and External Learners


The Office of Accreditation and Education Effectiveness (OAEE) is responsible for reviewing and processing educational affiliation agreements for both the School of Medicine and School of Health Professions. The OAEE will be responsible for obtaining appropriate signatures as delegated by the President. OAEE assists in providing guidance regarding the process and management of the educational affiliation agreement database. OAEE has templates for common agreement types. Schools/sponsoring units are encouraged to use one of these approved agreement templates to expediate the review and approval process. Please contact for the most recent versions of the approved templates.

Prior to submitting an agreement, it is crucial that the program/sponsoring unit works with the OAEE. OAEE plays a critical role in reviewing draft agreements to ensure the proposed collaboration is aligned with the College’s overall mission and strategic goal. The program/unit should be in close contact with the OAEE throughout the review process.

The common types of educational agreements processed by OAEE include:

  • Educational Experience Affiliation Agreement: Establish a relationship of continuing nature with an outside academic clinical or training site.
  • Program Affiliation Agreement: Dual Degree Programs
  • Visiting students: Visiting medical students who wish to register for a Baylor clinical elective.
  • Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)




The Office of Accreditation and Education Effectiveness (OAEE) is responsible for reviewing and processing Observer requests.

What is an Observer? An observer is a person invited by a Sponsor to enter the BCM premises (i.e., clinical area or facility owned or operated by BCM) for the express purpose of observing BCM operations to evaluate a potential interest in pursuing a career in the Sponsor’s job field.

What is an Observership? An on-campus, time-limited, observation-only experience that is intended to provide brief, rather than continuous or intermittent, access to the BCM learning and working environment. Observerships never include hands-on training or result in academic or professional credit for the Observer. 


Outside Learner Clinical Rotation Request


Due to the large number of outside learner clinical placement requests and the limited number of available spaces, Baylor College of Medicine has developed a formal application process for outside learner clinical rotation requests. Before joining a clinical rotation with a BCM Preceptor, outside learners must secure approval from the preceptor. Upon approval, outside learners are required to complete the most recent BCM clinical request addendum. This document should be completed and emailed to by the outside learner’s institution clinical coordinator. The completed addendum will be sent back to both the outside learner’s institution clinical coordinator and the affiliated training site. This process is not applicable to BCM students or visiting MD Students (VSLO) process.

A current Affiliation Agreement must be on record between your School and Baylor College of Medicine to request a clinical rotation with a BCM Preceptor. Please contact to confirm the existence of an agreement between your School and Baylor College of Medicine.


Stand Alone Program


Stand-Alone Programs are clinical learning programs, sponsored by an unaffiliated third-party and/or hosted by an Affiliated Hospital, for which the Affiliated Hospital has assumed responsibility for program oversight. Stand-Alone Programs may involve hosting of Non-BCM Healthcare Providers, or students unaffiliated with BCM. Oversight of Stand-Alone Programs falls outside the scope of oversight responsibilities assigned to BCM academic leadership in the School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Education Programs, or School of Health Professions. is responsible for processing Stand Alone Program requests.

Refer to the Stand-Alone Programs Policy for more details.

If you require information on BCM’s Visiting School Program please visit the webpage for visiting medical students