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Skin of Color Clinic


The Skin of Color Clinic at Baylor Medicine provides personalized and culturally competent care to patients with all ethnicities, skin tones and hair textures, particularly those identifying as Black, African American, Latinx, Asian, or Native American. We know that certain diseases present differently in or disproportionately affect people with darker skin tones.


Our Skin of Color Clinic Team:


Dr. Oyetewa Oyerinde

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Director of the Skin of Color Clinic

Dr. Zeena Nawas

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Cosmetics of the Skin of Color Clinic


Our Team Identifies and Treats Diseases such as:

  • Skin discoloration, such as hyperpigmentation (dark spots), hypopigmentation (light spots), melasma, vitiligo, and post-inflammatory skin changes
  • Alopecia/Hair loss
  • Keloids
  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Pseudofolliculitis barbae
  • Acne keloidalis nuchae
  • Sarcoidosis
  • And many other conditions

Cosmetic Treatments for Patients with Darker Skin Tones:

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser hair removal
  • Facial rejuvenation with other laser treatments
  • Neurotoxins
  • Fillers
  • DPN/Skin tag/seborrheic keratosis removal

We cannot wait to see you and provide you with the best care.