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Antibody-Based Proteomics Core


About the Core


The Antibody-based Proteomics Core provides cutting edge antibody-based proteomic platforms for both validation and protein biomarker discovery, particularly for low abundance regulatory proteins and activation states of proteins with phosphorylated antibodies.

Services provided include reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA) with over 260 antibodies for total and phosphoproteins of major cell signaling pathways and Luminex bead technology for multiplex quantitative analyses of intracellular and extracellular signaling proteins. We have also developed an epigenetic RPPA platform for histone marks and chromatin modifying proteins. For updated antibody lists by RPPA, check the Antibodies List.

Pathways of the 260 antibodies: total proteins and phosphoproteins in the various (not limited to) protein pathways or functional protein groups: epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), stem cells, apoptosis, DNA damage, autophagy, proliferation and cell cycle, growth factor receptors, cytokines/STATs and nuclear receptors/transcriptional and chromatin regulatory proteins, and histone modifier proteins (part of the epigenetic panel). 

Epigenetic RPPA for Histone marks require purified histone and is assayed separated.

Learn more about Reverse Phase Protein Array services.


Getting Started


If you plan to make use of the Antibody-based Proteomics Core, we require a brief (no cost) consultation with Dr. Huang for new projects. Download and fill the Service Request Project Info Form and email it to Dr. Shixia Huang first. Once the PI and Dr. Huang discuss the project design and the timeline, an iLabs project request is required.

If you are an experienced Antibody-based Proteomics Core user, and already know precisely what you need for Luminex projects, you will still need to fill out the project information form, but we will waive the meeting requirement. CPRIT-subsidized RPPA projects require a meeting and additional information. Contact Dr. Shixia Huang for details.

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