Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Fees

Instrumentation Fees
InstrumentationInternal Baylor Cost
Aria/MA900 unassisted sort peak$60 per hour
Aria/MA900 unassisted sort off-peak$40 per hour
Sort setup for assisted sort$50
Assisted Aria sort setup for unassisted sort$60
Assisted MA900/BioSorter sort setup for unassisted sort"$120
LSR II/Fortessa unassisted$45 per hour
Aurora/Symphony unassisted$45 per hour
CantoII/Attune unassisted$25 per hour
ImageStreamX MarkII unassisted$45 per hour
Helios/Hyperion unassisted$80 per hour
AutoMACS$20 per run
Vi-CELL$15 per hour
Workstation unassisted$5 per hour
Analyzer class$350

Peak hours are from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If using the assistance of the core, add $60 per hour to the unassisted cost. Note: the Core only assists during peak hours.

You are not required to use all of your reserved time. If you finish before the end of your unassisted reserved time, please email at the time you finish and ask for the appointment to be shortened.

External MOU users (non-profit academic institutions) are charged the cost shown above.

External users (for-profit companies) are charged 1.585x the cost shown above.


Fees and Cancellations


Assisted Charges: cost of instrument assisted/hour (Minimum 1 hour charge or 1/2 the time reserved for the appointment if greater than 2 hours)

*Cancellation within 24 hours of a technician-assisted appointment will still be billed a minimum 1 hour charge or 1/2 the time reserved for the appointment if greater than 2 hours.