Dry Shipper Rental


General Description


The GERM Core will rent out dry shippers for cryopreserved sperm and embryo shipment. Please request a dry shipper rental through iLabs and contact the GERM Core with questions about dry shipper use.

What Will Happen

  1. Investigator will submit a request form through iLab, filling out information as requested.
  2. The core will approve the request and propose a charge based on the estimated days for rental.
  3. Please note that there will be a $2000 deposit for the dry shipper in case it gets lost or damaged. This charge will be removed when the core receives the dry shipper back in good condition.
  4. The core will coordinate with the investigator on which day to pick up the dry shipper from N630 based on the core dry shipper’s availability. The investigator will return the dry shipper immediately once it is received back to BCM.