Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Core


About the Core


Project Packages

The Mass Spectrometry (MS) Proteomics Core at Baylor College of Medicine offers three specialized and comprehensive project packages:

  • “365” Profiling – a proteome-wide label free quantitative proteomic profiling of cells and tissues
  • IP/MS Analysis – isolation and identification of endogenous or tagged protein complexes via immunoprecipitation followed by mass spectrometry
  • PTM Analysis – a post-translational modification analysis on purified proteins

Routine Protein Identification

  • “Per-Band” Sequencing – routine protein identification from single samples prepared by the users (e.g. verification of protein identity).

Our Services


The services are provided with full “beginning-to-end” support that includes project evaluation and design, biochemical purifications, mass spectrometry sequencing, and data analysis performed within the core and by the experienced core personnel. The Proteomics Core considers, on case-by-case basis, special R&D agreements for collaborative initiatives than include method and informatics development. View our services page for more details.

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