Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Core Publications


Selected Publications Supported by the Core



Lee YC, Kurtova AV, Xiao J, Nikolos F, Hayashi K, Tramel Z, Jain A, Chen F, Chokshi M, Lee C, Bao G, Zhang X, Shen J, Mo Q, Jung SY, Rowley D, Chan KS, Collagen-rich airway smooth muscle cells are a metastatic niche for tumor colonization in the lung, Nature Communications, 2019, 10(1):2131.


Saltzman AB, Leng M, Bhatt B, Singh P, Chan DW, Dobrolecki L, Chandrasekaran H, Choi JM, Jain A, Jung SY, Lewis MT, Ellis MJ, Malovannaya A, gpGrouper: A peptide grouping algorithm for gene-centric inference and quantitation of bottom-up proteomics data, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2018, 17(11):2270-2283.

Gates LA, Gu G, Chen Y, Rohira AD, Lei JT, Hamilton RA, Yu Y, Lonard DM, Wang J, Wang SP, Edwards DG, Lavere PF, Shao J, Yi P, Jain A, Jung SY, MalovannayaA, Li S, Shao J, Roeder RG, Ellis MJ, Qin J, Fuqua SAW, O'Malley BW, Foulds CE, Proteomic profiling identifies key coactivators utilized by mutant ERα proteins as potential new therapeutic targets, Oncogene, 2018, 37(33):4581-4598.

Dasgupta S, Rajapakshe K, Zhu B, Nikolai BC, Yi P, Putluri N, Choi JM, Jung SY, Coarfa C, Westbrook TF, Zhang XH, Foulds CE, Tsai SY, Tsai MJ, O'Malley BW, Metabolic enzyme PFKFB4 activates transcriptional coactivator SRC-3 to drive breast cancer, Nature, 2018, 556(7700):249-254.


Jung SY, Choi JM, Rousseaux MW, Malovannaya A, Kim JJ, Kutzera J, Wang Y, Huang Y, Zhu W, Maity S, Zoghbi HY, Qin J, An Anatomically Resolved Mouse Brain Proteome Reveals Parkinson Disease-relevant Pathways, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2017, 16(4):581-593.


Xiao L, Lanz RB, Frolov A, Castro PD, Zhang Z, Dong B, Xue W, Jung SY, Lydon JP, Edwards DP, Mancini MA, Feng Q, Ittmann MM, He B, The germ cell gene TDRD1 as an ERG target gene and a novel prostate cancer biomarker, Prostate, 2016, 76(14):1271-1284.


Han SJ, Jung SY, Wu SP, Hawkins SM, Park MJ, Kyo S, Qin J, Lydon JP, Tsai SY, Tsai MJ, DeMayo FJ, and O'Malley BW, Estrogen receptor beta modulates apoptosis complexes and the inflammasome to drive the pathogenesis of endometriosis, Cell, 2015, 163:960-974.

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Budhiraja S, Liu H, Couturier J, Malovannaya A, Qin J, Lewis DE, Rice AP,Mining the human complexome database identifies RBM14 as an XPO1-associatedprotein involved in HIV-1 Rev function, Journal of Virology, 2015, 89(7):3557-3567.