Eric Storch Lab

Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium


Senate Bill 11 established the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium (TCMHCC). The purpose of the TCMHCC is to improve the evaluation of and response to the increasing problems of youth depression, suicide, and trauma in children and adolescents across Texas by coordinating a research network of Heath-Related Institutions across the state. Baylor College of Medicine is one of the 12 funded institutions in the TCMHCC.

As part of the Texas Childhood Trauma Research Network (TX-CTRN) and Texas Youth Depression and Suicide Research Network (TX-YDSRN), our lab is investigating mental health outcomes for children and young adults who have experienced trauma, depression, and/or suicidal thoughts. Through these efforts, we will be able to develop predictive models for short-and long-term outcomes while establishing a research network of academic medical centers across the state of Texas that is comprehensively trained and ready to implement further research projects.

Visit the Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium website or contact us at for more information.