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Nov. 25, 2021: New paper: Disordered protein regulates transcription elongation.
Our new paper on disordered protein in transcription in collaboration with Vaclav Veverka and team is online today in Science! We report the discovery of an unstructured protein interaction module that coordinates transcription elongation via TFIIS N-terminal domains. Check it out!

June 21, 2021: New collaborative paper: Single-cell inflammatory response to silicone implants.
Our collaborative paper with the lab of Bob Langer and team is online today in Nature Biomedical Engineering! In this exciting paper, we analyze single-cell RNA-seq datasets of immune cells following implantation of silicone prosthetics. We found that the surface roughness of implants has a profound effect on inflammatory signaling in immune cells. Our results suggest that implant surface roughness may play an important role in the development of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Aug. 14, 2020: Research Award from The Mark Foundation 
Thank you to The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research for their support of our laboratory. Dr. Hodges has been awarded the Accelerating Scientific Platforms and Innovative Research (ASPIRE) Award from the Mark Foundation. This one-year $230,000 grant was awarded based on a collaboration with Dr. Nathaniel Hathaway of the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy. This award funds the Hodges and Hathaway labs' efforts to develop a new chemical-biological approach to restore activity to transcription factors that depend on SWI/SNF in cancers where SWI/SNF is lost.

Aug. 1, 2020: R35 award funded by NIGMS
Thank you to the NIGMS for their support of our research program. Today the lab's R35 award was funded! This flexible five-year award funds outstanding investigators to pursue their research program. Our award will help us reveal how regulation of SWI/SNF complexes contributes to development and human disease.

June 22, 2020: Eric Smith successfully defends his Ph.D.
Congratulations to Eric Smith for successfully defending his Ph.D. with flying colors! Eric will soon be moving on to a Senior Scientist position at Marker Therapeutics.

August 5, 2019: Eric Smith receives Dacso Award for Excellence in Research
Congratulations to Eric Smith on receiving the Dacso Award for Excellence in Research. This award is presented annually to support one medical, graduate or M.D./Ph.D. student in a molecular and cellular biology laboratory. Dr. Clifford Dasco, a molecular and cellular biology professor, created this award to honor his parents, Dr. Magda Rona and Dr. Michael Dacso (Prof. of Community Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine). Drs. Dacso, Hodges and O'Malley were on-hand to present the award.

June 21, 2019: Courtney Chambers receives funding
Congratulations to Courtney, who was selected for the BCM T32 training program in Translational Biology. Well done Courtney!

May 17, 2019: Eric Smith receives funding
Congratulations to Eric, who is the first Hodges lab trainee to receive competitive funding! Eric was selected for the Gulf Coast Consortia/Keck Center's T32 training program in Precision Environmental Health (TPEHS). Well done Eric!

March 29, 2019: Adjunct faculty of Bioengineering at Rice
Courtney was appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Rice University. We're looking forward to more interactions with the superb students and faculty in the Bioengineering department!

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