CLAMS Measurement Request Protocol


Read Guidelines and Resources and Investigator and MMRU Responsibilities for required additional information

  • Contact Dr. Marta Fiorotto, to discuss experimental needs (types of measurements, animal numbers, mouse size, diet, responsibilities of the investigator).
  • Submit an amendment to IACUC to include these measurements on your protocol if you don't already have this. Use the descriptions on the CLAMS Use and Measures page for the amendment.
  • Submit the completed online MMRU Application Form. This will be reviewed by Dr. Marta Fiorotto. The purpose of this review process is to ensure: appropriate configuration of CLAMS system for your study; that all appropriate institutional approvals for use are in place and; that the scheduling of MMRU resources is done efficiently so that all investigators have access to the MMRU in a fair and unbiased manner. You will be contacted within 72 hours with optional dates; confirm schedule with Dr. Fiorotto within 24 hours so that you don't lose your spot. For investigators outside the CNRC, the time frame requested must take into consideration the transfer of the mice.
  • If your mice are housed outside the CNRC, proceed to next step. Otherwise, proceed to last step.
  • Contact CNRF Manager (713-798-6735; immediately to obtain assurance that your mice can be transferred to the CNRF. If these assurances cannot be provided, mice will be refused entry to the CNRC CNRF until they have been quarantined at Taub and verification is obtained that they are acceptable.
  • Our facility has limited available mouse space. Once Darrin Shiver is assured that it is OK to bring your mice into the CNRF, arrangements need to be made with him to ensure there is sufficient space in our facility to house the mice. Also, the CNRF manager will need to know what will happen to the mice after the studies in the MMRU are completed.
  • To transfer the mice, fill out an Online Transfer Request from the Center for Comparative Medicine. The mice will be moved to CNRF room 1068. Once approved, you will be asked to identify the cages you want moved. You do not move the mice; CCM moves them, according to federal and TMC policies. The transfer can be done quickly once you have IACUC approval and your MMRU time is booked.
  • The next step is to obtain access card to the CNRF. Fill out and print the CNRC Access Card Request form and give it to Anthony Hanes (, (CNRC Security Manager, located at the front desk of CNRC). The form verifies that you have an IACUC approved animal protocol and that all personnel that require access to the CNRF are listed on and approved to work on the protocol. In the "Specific job-related functions/ responsibilities that require a CNRC access card" block of the form, please include the Protocol Number, Protocol Title, the Name of Primary Investigator, and the Expected Termination Date of the Project. 

The CNRC Access Request must be submitted and signed off by Dr. Marta Fiorotto, director of the MMRU, as the approving sponsor. When you are all set, contact, MMRU Staff or Dr. Fiorotto to finalize details of your experiment (view additional Guidelines and Resources.)