About Us

Baylor’s COATS for Excellence and Equity


Baylor COATS (Community Outreach, Action, Training and Service) for Excellence and Health Equity is an institutional initiative comprised of Baylor faculty, staff, trainees and students who are committed to advancing health equity and community engagement goals. The scope of Baylor COATS includes the following:  

  • Provide a forum for those who are with different backgrounds in medicine and science and their allies to foster an inclusive learning and work environment.  
  • Work in collaboration with leadership from the College, the Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity; the Center of Excellence in Health Equity, Training and Research; and the Inclusion and Excellence Council to prioritize, develop and implement community engagement activities to raise awareness in our local and regional communities in order to improve health outcomes.
  • Collaborate with the Center of Educational Outreach to broaden and accelerate efforts to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for students by facilitating a path for all Baylor employees to aid in this mission, with a specific focus on mentoring and volunteering in local schools.

Baylor COATS seeks to identify staff, faculty, students and trainees who are in good standing to join the program. Examples of Baylor Coats activities include:

  • Increasing community participation in clinical trials, such as recruitment of participants for a study on patients with atypical diabetes.
  • Providing health education to the community through events and other avenues. This could include education about COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Mentorship and other opportunities in local schools.
  • Community service projects.

Opportunities would be dependent on an individual’s interests and commitment would not exceed once per month. To register to participate in the Baylor COATS for Excellence and Equity program, please email the Office of Community Engagement & Health Equity at healthequity@bcm.edu