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Houston Premedical Academy


The Houston Premedical Academy is a partnership between the DeBakey High School for Health Professions, the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine. It is a special undergraduate program at UH for DHSHP graduates interested in becoming physicians.

Through an academically rich and supportive environment, the HPA program enables students to make their career choices and medical school selection at the same time.

The Office of Community Engagement and Health Equity at Baylor sponsors The Annual Houston Premedical Academy Research Symposium, to further enhance the preparedness of the academy participants for medical school, and to stimulate and cultivate their interests in research, and careers in academic medicine.

The Annual Symposium affords the DeBakey High School students the opportunity to attend the platform presentations from selected University of Houston students as well as hear renowned guest-speakers lecture on areas of the biosciences.

Our office also supports UH-HPA students (and others) in obtaining information for and participating in summer research opportunities.

Media Component
Summer Research student Precious Akujor reviews details of her research work with Dr. Frederick Periera

Faculty Mentoring


Summer Research student Precious Akujor discusses the details of her research findings with Dr. Frederick Periera.