Department of Pediatrics

Respiratory Research

  • Relationship of asthma and body mass index in children presenting to the emergency department with acute asthma (IRB#H-19352); PI: Charles Macias
  • Initiation of chronic asthma care regimens in the pediatric emergency department (IRB#H-19489); PI: Charles Macias
  • Pediatric Texas Emergency Department asthma surveillance (IRB#H-10354); PI: Charles Macias
  • Pediatric emergency department use of an asthma educational intervention to improve quality of care (IRB#H- 21142); PI: Charles Macias
  • Prospective multicenter study of bronchiolitis admissions: etiology & disposition (IRB#H-19878); PI: Charles Macias
  • Recurrent wheezing in children hospitalized for bronchiolitis (IRB#H- 24356); PI: Charles Macias
  • Controlled trial of implementing a protocol for oral prednisone in emergency center triage for acute asthma exacerbations (IRB#H- 24892); PI: Julieanna Sahouria (Fellow)
  • Bubble CPAP- respiratory support in limited settings (IRB#H- 25857); PI: Heather Machen