Healthcare: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Patient Payment Options


Baylor Medicine Orthopedics and Sports Medicine accepts most major insurance plans. We also accept patients who have out-of-network benefits.

We are pleased to offer an insurance verification department to help you understand your benefits and your out-of-network responsibilities. To speak with a verification specialist, call (713) 986-6000 during regular office hours.

Your co-payment, any remaining deductible and co-insurance are all due at the time of your visit. We can file with your insurance plan for you. If insurance is not being filed, we ask that you pay your bill in full at the time of your visit.


Insurance Terms Defined


Co-insurance. Co-insurance refers to money that an individual is required to pay for services, after a deductible has been paid. In some healthcare plans, co-insurance is called "co-payment." Co-insurance is often specified by a percentage. For example, the employee pays 20 percent toward the charges for a service and the employer or insurance company pays 80 percent.

Co-payment. Co-payment is a predetermined (flat) fee that an individual pays for healthcare services, in addition to what the insurance covers. For example, some HMOs require a $10 "co-payment" for each office visit, regardless of the type or level of services provided during the visit. Co-payments are not usually specified by percentages.

Deductible. The amount an individual must pay for healthcare expenses before insurance (or a self-insured company) covers the costs. Often, insurance plans are based on yearly deductible amounts.

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