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Total Joint Replacement


Hip and knee pain can severely limit your activities and affect your quality of life. Our physicians work hand in hand with our patients to determine the treatment that is right for them.

For those with hip and knee pain, we offer conservative treatment options. If the conservative options aren't providing the relief needed, surgical options will be discussed. Our surgeons are fellowship trained in adult reconstructive orthopedic surgery and are recognized for their achievements in clinical research, education and leadership in the field of orthopedic surgery. Our goal is to ease your pain and keep you moving.


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Full Service Clinic


Comprehensive knee and hip for adult and geriatric patients.

  • Management of knee and hip arthritis
  • Total knee and hip replacement
  • Minimally invasive knee and hip replacement
  • Computer and robotic-assisted surgery
  • Outpatient and same-day surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Intra-articular injections 
  • Management of hip fractures
  • Management of periprosthetic fractures
  • Complex revision surgeries
  • Onsite testing and imaging
  • Opioid-free joint replacement and revision surgery 

What We Treat


Our teams of specialists care for individuals who have knee and hip pain related to:

  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Congenital dysplasia resulting in arthritis
  • Primary osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Injuries resulting in cartilage and ligament damage
  • Joint trauma
  • Trochanteric bursitis 
Media Component

Dr. Melvin Harrington is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in revision of total knee and hip replacement, minimally invasive joint replacement, and arthritis and joint reconstruction.