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A2 Therapeutics
A2 Therapeutics is a Baylor College of Medicine spinout company developing a biologic drug, A2 Therapy (A2Tx), to treat thrombosis (clotting) associated with systematic inflammation.

Utilizing a unique combination of microbiome expertise, industry knowledge and commercial experience, Anizome has established a world-class animal microbiome platform that bridges the gap between research and commercial solutions.

Diversigen and CoreBiome have come together to create one company that is powering microbiome discovery through sequencing, analysis, and consulting services geared toward the study of the microbiome of living organisms and environments. Founded at Baylor College of Medicine in 2013, Diversigen was sold and became a whole-owned subsidiary of OraSure, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSUR) in November 2019.

FGH BioTech
FGH BioTech is committed to developing small molecule drugs For Good Health (FGH) that regulate SREBP transcriptions factors and related pathways for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases and cancer.

Xploration Health
Xploration Health was spun out of Baylor College of Medicine to commercialize the Smart PodTM. A deployable, expandable shipping container-based medical facility to serve the critical dual purpose of enabling everyday community-based care and being rapidly redeployed for emergency use.

YAP Therapeutics
Information coming soon.