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Year 1 | Delineation and Mapping


Year 1 (2016-2017) | Delineation and Mapping


On Feb. 23, 2017, the AAMC hosted its first live-streamed workshop of a multi-year series of meetings to map participating institutions’ community health-focused activities into coordinated systems, and subsequently evaluate impacts for patients, communities, learners and the institutions themselves. The workshop included speakers from the VA, NIH, CMS, HRSA, and CDC among other national stakeholders.

Program and Workshop Overview
Grantee Presentations
Systems Thinking and Community Assets
What Would and Ideal System Look Like and Accomplish?


Progress Reports: Following a year of work mapping the health equity/community health related research, training programs, and initiatives at their respective institutions, on July 17, 2017 eight awardee cohort and three virtual cohort teams presented findings regarding barriers, opportunities for expanded internal and external collaboration, and SMART goals to address community specific health outcomes.

Watch the awardee cohort webinar
Watch the virtual cohort webinar


Tools and Resources


The tools below helped the Baylor College of Medicine/Harris Health System team define our work for year one of the project as well as the years to come.

Visioning Exercise and Instructions
Health Equity Inventory and Health Equity Inventory Tool Instructions

Site Team Mapping Materials

Activity Preparation and Facilitation Guide
Creating Project Cards | Project Cards Template
Creating Domain Cards | Domain Cards Template
Creating Internal Partner Cards | Internal Partner Cards Template
Creating External Partner Cards | External Partner Cards Template
Creating Butcher Paper Map Outline Project Goal Analysis Handout Site Team Mapping PowerPoint

Community Asset Mapping Materials

ABCD Activity Facilitation Guide
Community Defined Health: Thinking From the Inside Out (Blecke J. Community defined health: Thinking from the inside out. Metropolitan Universities.Jan 2000;11(2):41-47.)