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Year 2 | Logic Model and Metrics


Year 2 (2017-2018) | Logic Model and Metrics


On March 8, 2018, teams from 10 academic health centers from across the country gathered to continue their efforts to build a systems approach to community health and health equity. In the 18 months prior, the teams identified and mapped their cross-mission community health work, and identified changes they could make to create a more efficient, engaged, and impactful system.

In-Person Meeting

Livestream Recording
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Meeting Agenda

Progress Reports

On the afternoons of July 12 and 13, teams from 10 academic health centers from across the country presented recent activities, successes, and challenges experienced in their work to coordinate community health activities across their institutions, strengthen partnerships throughout their communities, and address local health inequities.

Session 1 Presentations | Session 2 Presentations


Tools and Resources


The tools and resources below helped guide the Baylor College of Medicine/Harris Health System team through the evaluation and implementation phase of the Health Equity Systems project.

Meeting Pre-Work

December Deliverables
Template Goal Template
What Can You Do to Engage the Community? | Slides and Recording (This is a presentation exploring community engagement principles given by Kien Lee, Ph.D., principal associate and vice president, Community Science.Meeting Materials)

Pre-Reading and Material for Review

Culturally Responsive Evaluation Meets Systems-Oriented Evaluation Paper
Four Frames Model
MAIDAN Case Study

Afternoon Activity

Facilitator Guide
Workshop Slides
Activity Template - MAIDAN
Example Blank Activity Template
PCI Framework Printable Materials