Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

Center for Cell and Gene Therapy Research


Research and training programs based in the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy provide postdoctoral training for M.D., M.D./Ph.D., and Ph.D. fellows. The faculty are interested in and committed to the teaching and laboratory instruction of postdoctoral trainees. Strong support comes from the center for both the financial and philosophical aspects of postdoctoral study in recognition of the importance of developing the next generation of research scientists.

The research interests of the faculty span areas such as hematopoiesis, stem cell biology, hemopoietic stem cell transplantation, gene therapy, immunotherapy and vector development. Numerous collaborations and interactions exist among the faculty members of the center and with faculty members from other departments at the College. The environment at Baylor College of Medicine, and the Texas Medical Center as a whole, is one that fosters joint efforts between researchers involved in both basic and clinical research programs.

See a list of center faculty with links to their bio profiles.

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