Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy

Ethical and Human Factors Impacting Successful Translation of Perceptual Computing to Improve Clinical Care


Project Description


Our study systematically addresses unresolved ethical concerns and barriers to harnessing emotional and biobehavioral PC data to improve clinical care by identifying diverse stakeholders’ informational needs and perceived ethical challenges for translating PC metrics into actionable clinical knowledge. This research will carefully examine diverse stakeholders’ concerns and perspectives toward risk/benefit tradeoffs of PC and will evaluate impacts of integrating PC into clinical assessments. Our methods will generate policy solutions for responsibly translating PC into clinical care, with far-reaching potential to advance precision medicine and to improve and personalize care across a range of disorders where quality of care depends on accurately eliciting and interpreting information about emotional states and behavior.

Funded by National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS /NIH office of the Director; Four year R01 grant, $1.98 million


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