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TRISH Funding Opportunities and Awards


The Catalyst Grants Program


TRISH is currently accepting Catalyst proposals. TRISH encourages reviewing the Institute's priorities for the Catalyst Program.

Catalyst proposals are unsolicited applications that may be submitted at any time. The Catalyst Grant Program offers a streamlined method for carrying out proof-of-concept projects, directed technology development(s) for space health that address a critical need(s), maturation of promising concepts with strong preliminary findings, and innovative projects that present opportunities outside of regularly scheduled solicitation cycles.

Review Priorities and submit a proposal

TRISH Postdoctoral Fellowship


TRISH’s postdoctoral fellowship program supports early career scientists pursuing research with the potential to reduce the health risks associated with spaceflight and improve performance. Selected fellows will receive a two-year salary stipend and participate in TRISH’s Academy of Bioastronautics.

TRISH 2024 Postdoctoral Fellowship solicitation is accepting proposals through January 31, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Read more about the soliciation.

Want to be a TRISH postdoc mentor?
Independent investigators with existing research grant support may request to be listed as prospective mentors by emailing Dr. Guillaume Vignaux.

TRISH 2024 Postdoc Solicitation

International Collaborations


As a federally funded institute, TRISH supports research projects led by investigators currently at U.S.-based institutions. However, to foster an environment for collaboration, TRISH encourages international investigators and organizations to connect by adding themselves to our Researchers Open to Collaboration document. There, you can find potential collaborators as well as add your name, institution and contact information for other potential collaborations with the wider space biomedical community. 

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