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TRISH Press Releases - 2023


TRISH selects 2023 class of space health postdoctoral fellows
July 18 - TRISH announces its selections for the TRISH 2023 fellowship cohort of postdoctoral researchers. Read the announcement.

Baylor, Korea National Institute of Health collaborate to further space health research
April 27 – A new agreement between Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Space Medicine and the Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH) will enable new international collaboration for scientific research and discovery in the field of space health.

TRISH seeking proposals for data transfer technology for space health
April 6 – TRISH announced it is seeking proposals for developing a health and research data management platform for humans journeying into space.

TRISH research on Axiom's Ax-2 Mission to examine effects of spaceflight on humans
March 20 – TRISH announced several human health and performance research projects to be conducted aboard Axiom Mission 2 (Ax-2) to the International Space Station (ISS).


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TRISH In the News - 2023


What happens if someone dies in space?
July 31 -
What happens if someone dies in space? TRISH chief medical officer Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta weighs the possible scenarios and logistics in the event of a death during a mission to space in this article for The Conversation.

The field of space medicine lifts off
July 6 -
“There’s never been a better time to be in the field of space medicine than today,” said TRISH chief medical officer, Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta in this article with AAMC.

Crops grown without sunlight could help feed astronauts bound for Mars
June 8 -
Feeding Mars-bound astronauts: simple survival “is not the goal." TRISH Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Jennifer Fogarty explains to Science Magazine why today’s preserved food system “is completely inadequate for a Mars mission.”

Researching in the commercial space industry
June 7 -
What can we learn about space health from the data collected on Ax-2? TRISH Chief Medical Officer Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta explains on the InnovationMap’s Houston Innovators Podcast.

Is Space the Next Frontier of Health Research?
June 1 -
Conducting drug research in space pushes product development to new heights, without the limits of gravity — resulting in advances for patients on Earth, shares TRISH executive director Dr. Dorit Donoviel at the 2023 Aspen Ideas Festival.

UCF College of Medicine Joins Partnership to Study Health Impacts of Space Travel
May 30 -
The University of Central Florida College of Medicine announces its collaboration with TRISH to collect data and biospecimens from commercial spaceflight participants to better understand how space flight impacts health.

Ax-2 Mission to Conduct Studies to Mitigate Negative Effects of Human Spaceflight
May 24 -
Ax-2 is a unique opportunity for TRISH researchers to collect more data on key human health metrics like cognition, vision, sleep, etc. Learn about how the EXPAND database is building our knowledge, thanks to private spaceflight partners in this Axiom Space Blog.

Houston space research nonprofit announces new international agreement
May 8 –
InnovationMap shares more on TRISH’s agreement with the Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH) to collaborate on research and discovery relating to space health.

Q&A: Why astronauts will need their own health data management platform
April 28 -
Why will space explorers need their own health data management platform? TRISH deputy director and chief innovation officer James Hury shares the answer with MobiHealthNews.

More private space missions mean more data on astronaut health
April 25 – TRISH chief scientific officer Dr. Jennifer Fogarty and chief medical officer Dr. Emmanuel  Urquieta are featured on NPR's WMFE Are We There Yet? podcast on leveraging the surge in private space missions to collect critical data on how space travel affects the human body.

The final frontier of human sexuality may be in space
Feb. 14 – TRISH chief medical officer Dr. Emmanuel  Urquieta spoke to Inverse about the role of isolation and confinement in space and how the distance can impact the feeling of connectedness to family and friends on Earth.

The many, many reasons space travel is bad for the human body
Jan. 12 – Leaving Earth upends almost every system inside the body. TRISH chief medical officer Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta shares the demands space makes of the human body with the Washington Post, and the advances that need to be made for a successful future in space travel.

Good Ethics to Good Science in Commercial Spaceflight Research
Jan. 6 – TRISH communications and education officer Rachael Dempsey shares the aims of TRISH and Baylor College of Medicine in addressing the need for social responsibility in human health research in space. She highlights how the Institute is closing the gap in this blog.


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