Department of Medicine

Life After Rheumatology Fellowship


Between 2017-2020, 64 percent of our Baylor College of Medicine Rheumatology Fellowship graduates either entered academic practice or continued on for advanced fellowship training.

Learn where graduates of the Rheumatology Fellowship go after their time at Baylor College of Medicine.

Fellow Year of graduation First position after graduation
Sisaira Reddy 2017 Clinical practice, Atlanta, GA
Chantel Park 2017 Clinical Education, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University
Ali Ursani 2017 Clinical Practice, Houston, TX
Ricahrd Zogala 2018 Research Fellowship MDACC, Houston, TX
Bochra Jandali 2018 Clinical Education, McGovern Medical School, UT Health Science Center Houston, Houston, TX
George Korede 2018 Clinical practice, North Carolina
Mohammad Bittar 2019 Clinical Education and Research, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Medicine, Memphis, TN
Kasif Shaikh 2019 Washington University Allergy, Immunology Fellowship
Ihsan Yassine 2020 Clinical Practice, Florida
Hina Tareen 2020 Clinical Education, University of Central Florida, College of Medicine
Shalini Vaid 2020 Clinical education, Baylor College of Medicine
Ugo Awa  2021  Clinical education, Baylor College of Medicine
Sebastian Bruera 2021  Clinical outcomes research, clinical education,  Baylor College of Medicine
Nida Momin 2021  Clinical practice, Houston, TX
Akshita Sharma 2021  Clinical education, Baylor College of Medicine