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BCM Family Medicine on Kirby is without electrical power. Patients with appointments on Monday at this location will be moved to Baylor Medicine on the McNair Campus:  7200 Cambridge St, 7th floor, Suite 7B. Patients will be contacted. For questions, call 713-798-7700.

Department of Medicine

IQuESt Statistics


IQuESt is the largest center for HSR in the Southwest and houses over 200 faculty, post-doctoral fellows, trainees, and research staff in the Texas Medical Center. Since 2007, the number of HSR&D-funded investigators has grown 224 percent, from 17 to 55 faculty members, and there have been 34 academic promotions among core faculty. Moreover, total grant funding more than doubled, from $8.4 million (FY07) to more than $23.1million (FY20), with over 96 percent from externally sponsored grants and contracts (101 active projects). During 2020, our investigators published 321 manuscripts in in 194 peer-reviewed journals and gave 240 presentations at local and national meetings. Our work has contributed to 55 papers cited in 14 Institute for Healthcare Improvement reports, 124 papers cited in 63 clinical guidelines for patient care, one paper selected by Faculty of 1000 (F1000) as one of the top 2 percent of all published articles in the biology and medicine sciences, and five papers cited in three U.S .Centers for Disease Control-recommended programs.

IQuESt investigators employ quantitative as well as qualitative research methods and make use of the entire range of study designs in research involving primary data collection. Moreover, we are nationally renowned for our excellence in research involving large national health care databases. Investigators are supported by programming personnel, administrative personnel, and a full range of research support staff.

Within the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine we have faculty in seven sections, including HSR, Nephrology, Cardiovascular Research, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Rheumatology, and Infectious Diseases. In addition, our faculty is represented in seven BCM departments: medicine, ophthalmology, psychiatry, pediatrics, surgery, physical medicine & rehabilitation, and neurology. Our faculty hold appointments at BCM, and some have appointments at The University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston, the University of Houston, The UT School of Biomedical Informatics, Texas A&M University, and Rice University.