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Our team’s work has been featured in local and national news. Read below for more information about Safer Dx impact.

Scientists Display Medical Innovations at 'VA Research Day' in Nation's Capital - June 20, 2019
Several leading VA researchers showcased their latest scientific, medical, and technological advances in Washington, D.C., as part of the second annual "VA Research Day on the Hill." Dr. Singh was mentioned and quoted in the article discussing his research in developing and evaluating tools and strategies to help reduce missed test results in the VA.

Study Finds Use of Mobile App Improved Physician Lab Test Ordering and Diagnosis - April 24, 2018
Baylor College of Medicine published an article discussing the team’s analysis of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s application PTT Advisor. The team evaluated whether the app improves diagnostic and test ordering decisions of physicians for certain coagulation and bleeding disorders and if the app is useful for learning.

Electronic medicine can send you test results quickly. But what if they’re scary? - March 26, 2018
The Washington Post spoke about releasing test results on patient portals, even if providers have not seen the results, and the effects on patients. The team's paper "Patient perceptions of receiving test results via online portals" is referenced.

Patients Want Web Access to Test Results But Don't Want to Have To Be A Doctor to Understand Them - Dec. 29, 2017
Forbes discussed patient portals and usability, ideas from the team's recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Baylor, Geisinger work to improve diagnostic performance - July 17, 2017
Baylor College of Medicine published a short article describing the Safer Dx Learning Lab project, a collaboration between the Safer Dx Team in Houston, TX and Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.

Crowdsourced Medicine Is Transforming the Diagnosis of Rare Disorders - March 6, 2017
NBC News explored the idea of crowdsourced medical diagnosis through the use of CrowdMed, a program that the team has evaluated in JMIR. Dr. Singh talked about the findings of the evaluation and his concerns.

The Dark Side of Information Exchange - Inbox Overload - March 16, 2016
Modern Healthcare discussed information overload as a consequence of the increased usage of electronic health records. The team's Research Letter in JAMA is mentioned, and Dr. Murphy and Dr. Singh discuss their research in the area.

A Medical Detective Story: Why Doctors Make Diagnostic Errors - Sept. 26, 2015
The Wall Street Journal interviewed Dr. Singh to investigate diagnostic errors and learn about the research being done by the team. In the interview, they discuss commonalities in missed diagnoses, electronic decision support tools, electronic health record triggers to identify potential delays in diagnostic evaluation, and methods for patients to improve their chances of a correct diagnosis.